Why does my candle have a tunnel through the middle with lots of wasted wax at the edges?

This is due to a poorly wicked candle.  Many brands will use one style and size of wick for all of their fragrances, meaning they don’t have to go through months of testing with lots of wastage – purely a cost cutting exercise.  All our candles are rigorously tested and re-tested with different wick combinations to ensure the correct wick is used to give the cleanest even burn with the best scent throw.

Why does my jar have a black film on the inside?

Many high street brands use mineral and paraffin waxes in their candles, making them cheaper to produce, however they are not clean burning.  We use white vegetable wax which help give a clean burn, however burning your candle for too long and not trimming the wick can create a carbon build up which will produce a black film on the glass.  Keep your wax clean by lighting with a long match or gas lighter.  Don’t leave matchstick residue in the wax and when trimming your wick, remove the black end that you trim off.  If black residue occurs, use a dry piece of paper towel and wipe clean. 

Why has my wick extinguished itself?

Trimming the wick too low or leaving your candle in a draughty area will create an uneven wax melt pool and the wick can self-extinguish. 

Why do luxury brands use paraffin and mineral waxes?

Simple answer … they are cheaper and produce a great scent throw.  Being mineral based means the wax behaves more consistently which consequently means their testing times are reduced and they can mass produce candles quickly, saving costs.  Paraffin (also called mineral wax by many brands) is a bi-product of petroleum which create penzene and toluene when burned, both of these are known carcinogens and are the same fumes given off in diesel cars.  Many studies have shown their harmful effects on the body when released into your home and have been linked to asthma and lung cancer.