The Molecule ethos is built around producing luxury fragranced products for the home using vegan ingredients that are ethical, sustainable and animal cruelty free.  Everything is hand poured in small batches using the finest ingredients, all sourced from UK suppliers. Our bottles, jars, tins and vessels can be recycled or re-used as plant pots or trinket jars and our diffusers and room sprays all come with refill options. We even give you the option to receive your products without individual boxes to save on cardboard waste. We are proud to be very nearly plastic free - with the only plastic item being our spray nozzle on the room sprays.

We put passion and love into every product we produce because we want you to adore them and share them with your family and friends. Our genuine product reviews and Trustpilot stars are a testament to our commitment to our customers.


All Molecule candles and wax melts contain our own blend of coconut and rapeseed wax. We add a tiny bit of soy to harden the wax and give a smooth finish.  Our products contain absolutely no nasty toxic minerals, phthalates, paraffin, beeswax or synthetic additives. 


Candle making is a science of many combinations and variables.  Each fragrance goes through a rigorous testing process as every oil combination will behave differently to a wax and a wick. To ensure you get a beautiful scent throw, which is clean and evenly burning to the very last drop, our candles are tested and retested until the perfect combination is found. 

Did you know… when lighting your candle for the first time, always burn for at least 3 hours, or until the melted wax pool reaches the edge of the jar. This will help prevent an uneven melt in subsequent burns and actually lengthen the overall burn time of your candle!  After each burn, trim the wick to a length of approximately 5mm and straighten up your wick if it has curled over – do this while the wick is still warm. A tall wick will create a higher flame and burn your wax too quickly and a curly wick will encourage the wax to melt more on one side.


The fragrance from a reed diffuser shouldn't dominate the room but instead create a gentle background fragrance. Ours are stylishly designed to complement any interior theme. Our vegan botanical oils are mixed with an eco friendly base that has a slow evaporation rate, giving you months of stunning subtle room fragrance.


All UK sourced and supplied with no plastic, even down to our packing tape. The tissue paper is made from recycled cardboard waste from a Yorkshire factory; wax melts are packaged in biodegradable glassine bags; gift boxes are made from recyclable materials and are fully compostable; product labels are paper and recyclable and your purchases are beautifully wrapped in corrugated cardboard and cushioned in their compostable box by starch packing peanuts that can be dissolved in water. 


Our passions are our products and our customers. We want our customers to love what we do and have a 5 star experience when they visit our store and hopefully go forward to purchase from us again and again. Molecule is run by Raelle and a small team of local part-time staff, we are always here to answer any questions, help with scent choices, or even discuss any options or variables you have in mind. Feel free to contact us any time via the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page, we will always aim to get back to you quickly.


LUXlife Global Excellence Awards

Best Botanical Home Scent Company - East of England 2023